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Kosibed Wheat
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Kosibed Wheat a natural dust extracted and convenient alternative to traditional horse bedding.

We make KosiBed Wheat from wheaten straw grown in Ireland by Kehoes to create a warm and comfortable bedding environment for your horse.

Why use KosiBed? 

  • Available in handy 75 litre bagged bales for clean transport and safe storage.
  • Our straw is grown especially for KosiBed therefore quality is guaranteed.
  • Offers cosy, comfortable bedding for your horse.
  • Decreases threat of mastitis and high cell counts on dairy farms.
  • Rivals sawdust in absorbency.
  • Creates a hygienic, virtually dust free, natural environment for your livestock.
  • Encourages heifers to lie in cubicles.
  • Cost effective.
  • Does not affect slurry mixing or spreading.

KosiBed horse bedding products allow horse owners the ability to use a natural, traditional method of bedding their horse or pony with the knowledge that the product is dust free and consistent, unlike traditional straw bedding of the past. Kosibed horse & pony bedding is cost effective, convenient and clean to use.