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KosiBed cow cubicle bedding, suitable for both dairy and suckler cows, keeps your cows clean and dry, a must for profitable dairy and beef farmers, contains added limestone.

Kehoe’s Livestock, cubicle bedding is a high quality dust free, chopped wheaten straw cow bedding product. Kosibed livestock bedding can be used with automatic scrapers or cattle slats. 

Our KosiBed cubicle bedding is a natural bedding using straw free from pathogens and dust, which can cause health problems in today’s modern dairy and suckler cows.

Why use KosiBed? 

  • Available in handy 75 litre bagged bales for clean transport and safe storage.
  • Our straw is grown especially for Kosibed therefore quality is guaranteed
  • Offers cosy, comfortable bedding for your livestock
  • Rivals sawdust in absorbency
  • Creates an hygienic, virtually dust free, natural environment for your livestock
  • Encourages heifers to lie in cubicles
  • Cost effective
  • Has added lime
  • Does not affect slurry mixing or spreading

It is vital to keep your cow's bed clean and dry to achieve and maintain optimal udder health in your herd.  KosiBed provides the modern dairy farmer with a consistent natural bedding product to help achieve this.

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