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Kehoe's Chaff
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Kehoe's Chaff is produced to a traditional recipe and contains 22% fibre, which provides the essential roughage in any any equine diet.

Features & Benefits...

  • Helps to reduce feed bolting
  • Helps to bulk individuals feeds out
  • Promotes chewing for maximum utilisation of hard feed

It is a highly palatable dust free product, which can be mixed with any form of concentrate ration. The product is chopped longer to slow digestive transit and prevent feed bolting which has been associated with colic.
Chopping the chaff in larger pieces make your horse or pony chew their feed more which aids digestion by adding saliva to the food which in turn helps the animal extract more nutrition from the feed. 

Kehoe’s high fibre feeds use natural, high quality fibre sources to supply optimum levels of digestible fibre, e.g. dried grass (Green Gold), straw and sugar beet pulp.

The presence of high quality fibre in the horse's diet is important in maintaining a healthy digestive system and must not just be considered added roughage.

Good quality forage is the foundation of all equine diets. Your horse’s most natural diet is grazed grass but at times it is not possible to provide this for them. Kehoe Farming’s range of top quality bagged fibres will satisfy the horse’s psychological need to chew and relieve boredom in the stable environment. Our feeds contain only top quality ingredients all grown in Ireland.