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FibreGold Beef Ration 14%
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14% Beef Ration

Analytical Constituents:
Crude Protein 14.00%; Crude Oil 2.7%; Crude Fibre 9.6%;
Crude Ash 7.2%; Moisture 12.5%; Magnesium 0.2%; Sodium 0.4%

Instructions for proper usage:
Feed in conjunction with forage.
Feed upto 2.5 Kg daily per 100 Kg bodyweight.
Ensure animals have access to clean drinking water at all times.
Do not feed to sheep.


1 Wheat Distillers

2 Rolled Maize

3 Maize Meal

4 Rolled Barley

5 Beet Pulp

6 Soya Bean Hulls (Pellets)

7 Grass Pellets

8 Molasses

9 Calcium Carbonate

10 Minerals

11 Acid Buff

*Produced from genetically modified soyabeans
**Produced from genetically modified maize
Best Before 100 days from date of docket
Store in cool dry area