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Magic Reindeer Food

This Christmas make sure you have stocked up on Reindeer feed to ensure Rudolf and the lads will have enough on board to make it on the long trip.
Magic Reindeer Food

When sprinkled on your lawn on Christmas Eve, the reindeer will see the feed sparkle and you can be sure they will stop by for a treat.

The idea came about after a chat with Santa and his Elf Eddy who explained how important it is to have a good nutritious treats for Rudolf and his team during the long hours they put in travelling all around the world to deliver presents to all the girls and boys !

Proceeds for the Reindeer Food are going to Embrace Farm and Local Charities.

Reindeer Food can be purchased on our website home page for 4 and will be delivered in a personalised envelope.

Last day for orders is December 20th to ensure arrives in time for the big day

"Make a wish and close your eyes tight,

Then sparkle on your lawn at night,

As Santas Reindeer fly and roam,

This food will guide them to your home"