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The results are in !

Kehoe farming have tested their haylage with the Irish Equine Centre and the results are just what you need to get you through the current fodder crisis.
The results are in ! As haylage is often the core source of nutrition for your horse or pony the quality of it is very important. Here at Kehoe Farming we test our haylage products to ensure that customers receive only the best quality haylage for there animals. By testing in the Irish Equine Centre, we can guarantee the customer with a quality product. When approaching winter 2018, where fodder is scarce all over the country, choose Kehoe Farming's haylage and feed products to ensure your horse or ponies good health and coat is maintained. The results above are from our most recent samples tested. With good dry matter levels and fibre results your horse should have no issues with our haylage. The high fibre content is adequate for the horses needs to chew while also after being broke down provides additional energy. Haylage can be delivered in pallets of 35 or 56 nationwide.