Horse feed / Equine feeds 


We offer a range of grass based alternative horse feeds including haylage in the form of Kehoe’s Green Gold and Kehoe’s Haylage. These feeds are made from selected rye grasses or a meadow grass mix depending on the product and are a great alternative to hay in the diet. Haylage will help save on compound feeds, as it is a completely natural and nutritious diet for your horse whether at work or while resting.  

Kehoe's Heat-Treated Horse Chaff 

Kehoes also make a heat-treated high fibre chaff based feed supplement called Kehoe’s Chaff. This feed product is suitable for horses, ponies and donkeys alike.
Kehoe’s Chaff can be used in the horses diet to slow digestive transit and aid digestion. It may also be beneficial to horses prone to laminitis and older animals who have difficulty chewing other high fibre feeds such as hay properly.