Horse & Animal Bedding

Our horse and animal bedding products are produced to the highest standards of quality and consistency so you can be sure they are of the same high specification every time you use them with your animals.  

Horse Bedding / Equine Bedding 

Kehoe’s Kosibed is an ideal horse bedding material available in three types; Kosibed Barley, Kosibed Wheat and Kosibed Oilseed Rape. Made from quality dust extracted straw it provides a safe, dry bedding environment for your horses. The risk of respiratory illness in the stable is lessened due to the lack of dust or pathogens associated with sawdust or ordinary straw bedding. KosiBed offers horse owners the chance to use a truly traditional method of bedding – maintaining the cosy feel and appearance of straw but also the benefits that new technological advances bring - a comfortable, economical, highly effective solution to your horses' bedding requirements. 

All our products are tested by the Irish Equine Center.