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Kehoe Farming’s FibreGold feed & KosiBed animal bedding products

Kehoe Farming produces a range of fibre based feeds,haylage and animal bedding products. Grown on our farm in the heart of some of the most fertile and naturally productive land in Ireland, our products help you to maintain a quality high roughage, natural diet and clean, dust free environment for your animals whatever the season. 

Horse Feed & Forage

We place a strong emphasis on the quality and consistency of the horse and pony feeds that we produce for our customers. Our haylage or horsehage feeds are grown naturally and ensiled at the optimum stage in the drying process, ensuring a consistent pathogen free product to feed to your animals.
Kehoe’s FibreGold Haylage is made from dust and pathogen free ingredients and is the perfect equine feed supplement where you need to add roughage to your horses diet to avoid digestive problems. Whatever your horse’s nutritional needs, whether you own a racehorse or a child’s pony, FibreGold feed offers consistent quality.  

Dust Free Horse & Animal Bedding 

The quality of the environment that your animals are housed in is critical to their overall health and performance. Kehoe Farming’s animal & equine bedding products are second to none, delivering a healthy dust free environment for your animals.

In the stable a single bag of Kosibed horse bedding goes a long way. You can be sure, unlike when using shavings or sawdust bedding, that you are providing your horse with a healthy dust free bedding environment to enjoy.

KosiBed is also suitable for poultry and pets


For the Livestock Farmer

For the dairy farmer we offer KosiBed Livestock Bedding, a dust extracted, cost effective, convenient chopped straw cubicle-bedding with added lime and anti-bacterial agents. The ideal product to maintain a clean dry and mastitis free cubicle bed for your cows, for use with or without mats.

FibreGold compound feeds for dairy,calf,beef and sheep. Designed to increase feed efficiency and manufactured in our specially designed and proven Keenan Mech Fibre mixing plant that is fitted with the PACE system.

Custom made rations are not a problem

Contact the office now for more info; 051565588


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